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Praised be Jesus and Mary, dear visitors! The Resort "Zeko" from Aljmas in its portfolio has the famous Danubian fish stew and other typical, traditional food and drinks of the Danube region. Most of the ingredients for the dishes are grown in the organic farming. All the dishes are prepared on the open fire on the terrace. In the century-old tavern wine cellar from 1817. year of the counts Adamovic the temperatures never exceed 20 degrees in the summer. In addition to culinary delights, the Resort "Zeko" offers a tour of the shrine. The water spring and sanctuary "The Lady under the linden" can be reached through the old oak forest. In the summer time the visitors can enjoy the unforgettable boat ride on the Danube.


The village of Aljmas is located near the mouth of the Drava and Danube. It is a part of municipalities of Erdut. The Aljmas is at 93 m above sea level and has a surface 36 square kilometers. The name "AljmaĆĄ" came from the hungarian word "alma" which means an apple, and the first time it was mentioned in the 1327th as the name of the private estate. The parts of the village are the hamlets: Aljmaska Planina, Causevac, Dravsko Usce and Hrastovo Polje. Due to its geographical location, the Aljmas has a rich flora and fauna and there operates a hunting club and fishing club. The history of Aljmas has been entwined by different cultures which left a rich cultural heritage. The future of the Aljmas is based on rural, hunting and fishing tourism.

The Lady of Consolation in Aljmas

In the Aljmas exists the unique sanctuary on the Danube. The first church in the Aljmas was built in the 1697th year. In the year 1704th it has become a famous sanctuary . The church was destroyed by fire in the middle of 19th century, and the statue of The Lady was placed in to the chapel near the water spring and linden trees. That sanctuary was then named as "The Lady under the linden". These days there is a newly constructed fourth church in Aljmas named The Lady of Consolation with beautiful landscaped way of the Cross.